Have you ever been to London before? Are you a 3D puzzle geek like us? Plunge into the vibrant London atmosphere by building our new Wooden City 3D mechanical model - the famous London double-decker!
Our Wooden City London Bus model winds up with ease using the special key provided in the set. Listen to the engine sounds that we meticulously crafted in the manufacturing process to give you even more satisfaction of the assembly process and result.
Our Wooden City London Bus Model manual rubber band engine operates in TWO speeds. You can also set up the direction for the bus movements with the rear arm mechanism. Our Wooden City London Bus rubber band engine is the most powerful of the kind on the market. It can run your new London Bus model for up to 4 meters.
But that’s not all! Our Wooden City London Bus has three passengers whose safety will be in your hands!

Construction set features:
- Assembly required
- No glue required in assembly process
- Material used: high quality 100% ECO recyclable plywood, heavy duty rubber bands
- Original 2-speed rubber band engine
- Engine operated by winding up with the key provided in the set
- Maximum powered movement length: 4 meters
- Speed control
- Direction control
- Number of parts: 216
- Recommended for age: 14 years and up
- Approximate assembly time: 6 hours
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Wooden.City London Bus

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