Educational 5 in 1 foam puzzles – a toy that grows with your kid! Each item comes with thoughtful playing scenarios for children aged 0+. Foam Puzzles teach colours, shapes, letters, road safety rules and emotions! The toy can be used as a playing mat or a place to learn crawling. Older kids can put the pieces together, build a house, box, or cube, make up their own stories based on beautiful pictures and do educational exercises from the scenarios that come with the set! Our Foam Puzzles are colourful, soft and easy to play with. Suitable even for children aged 0+.


Educati nal 5 in 1 foam puzzle Farm fun:
- teaches emotions
- Farm Fun foam puzzle can be linked to the Forest Fun foam puzzle – together, they form a graphically consistent,
- colourful 118 cm x 118 cm play mat.

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Trefl Floor Foam Puzzle Mat - Farm fun

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  • Category: Foam floor puzzle
  • Manufacturer: Trefl
  • Brand: Trefl
  • Item No.: TRF60697
  • Ages: 0 éves kortól
  • Pack. Height (cm): 32
  • Pack. Width (cm): 32
  • Pack. Depth (cm): 12

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