Show off your Spinjitzu skills with Nya! Place the Water Ninja in the capsule with her shurikens, attach to the spinner and pull the rip cord. Spin, roll, jump and learn awesome tricks like The Zen. Then create your own Spinjitzu challenges and battle your friends to become the master of all Spinjitzu masters!
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LEGO® Ninjago 70634 Nya - Spinjitzu Master

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  • Category: LEGO Ninjago
  • Manufacturer: LEGO®
  • Brand: LEGO®
  • Item No.: LEG70634
  • Ages: 6-14 éves korig
  • Pack. Height (cm): 22.8
  • Pack. Width (cm): 25.2
  • Pack. Depth (cm): 6.7

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