Loyalty Programme

Loyalty credits that may be earned on purchases
Exchanging points
Terms of Use

Loyalty credits that may be earned on purchases:

We award loyalty points for purchasers’ loyalty, which may be exchanged for the following purchases, in other words, they are worth spendable money! While you are purchasing on our site, we shall automatically award loyalty points to you as follows:

  • on each 100 HUF of the value of the order* we shall credit 1 loyalty point!
    * this is purchase value without delivery cost, and we round the points up for each product to whole points
  • certain products are worth extra loyalty points!

When you place your order, loyalty points will be calculated, and once the order has been closed (after receipt and payment), loyalty points will be credited to your account.

You can follow your current balance after logging in in the menu item My profile. Furthermore, in the Compile Order phase of the cash desk process, where points can be exchanged, we inform you every time of your current balance too.

Exchanging points

Exchanging value: 1 point = 1 HUF

To the debit of your current balance, you can exchange loyalty points when placing each order, that is, you can buy with your points.

In the purchase process after the Basket, on the page Compile Order, in the part exchanging Regular Customer points, we indicate your current balance, and in the blank column you can specify your points meant to be used (In the purchase process you have the option to navigate backwards too, then your points will not be lost, they will automatically become usable again).

The points may be spent on any product or service fee too.

No loyalty credit is awarded on purchases paid by loyalty points.

Terms of Use

  • Loyalty points may be earned only by registered purchasers (only registered purchasers may purchase in our web store, by specifying email address and password).
  • Loyalty points may be exchanged only in online purchases.
  • Loyalty points are valid for 365 days from being credited.
  • Loyalty points may not be exchanged for cash or assigned to another user.
  • No loyalty points are awarded on cancelled, not taken over orders.
  • We do not calculate delivery cost as basis for points, only the value of the product